What’s your goal in life?

“Some people die at the age of 25, but they aren’t buried until they are 75..” – Benjamin Franklin

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A curious thing about how most people feel about call center agents is that they pity them. But more than that, some call center agents actually believe it and starts to pity themselves. For most people they end up disappointed that they ended up a call center agent. Most of these agents were once dreaming of  becoming a nurse, an engineer, an accountant or something else. But unfortunate events had stopped them and so they ended up stepping up for their families just to put food in the plate.

It’s a tragic story. Or is it? But it’s not the end. The end is when you give up your dreams and start to take a path that goes spiral downwards. Because you can’t honestly think that you can retire a call center agent at the age of 60 now do you? Don’t get me wrong, I advocate people to work in a call center and take it as a career and not doing something else unless you’re a professional. But for some who dreams becoming something else other than an agent, there’s still a way as long as you keep your eyes on your goal.

This is exactly the same reason some people pity call center agents. They assume that these people has nowhere to go. But then we do see the same thing happening with some other graduates. Some of us just give up our dreams because of a single bump on the road instead of looking at it as a learning curve. I’m guilty too. I just feel an obligation to share this to all.

Setting your goal

Goal is something that you dream to do in life. It could be long-term or short-term, as long as it’s something you want to meet. Tangible or not. Providing for your family isn’t a goal, it’s a motivation. And it’s continuously have to be done so there’s no end to it. Goal is the peak of what you want to do in life. If your taking a career path towards becoming a call center agent, you can dream of becoming something else too than an agent in a company. A step higher wouldn’t hurt. On the other hand if you want to pursue a career without having to wear a headset, you can do that too. But are you up for it? Are you willing to give up social media, DOTA, and teleserye? Because attaining a goal means shifting to a different mindset and requires perseverance and effort to focus on that goal. But we all know that don’t we?

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Change your outlook in life

A call center job may not be your goal in life. But you can use it as a vehicle to get there. If your goal in life is abundance by being healthy or wealthy, find a way to leverage your job to get there. This is difficult for most people because we’re brainwashed by the society that finding a job is the end of it and that job gives us the feeling of security. But it’s wrong somehow. I love watching news and I’ve realized no job is secure enough. Not even businesses. Someone’s lack of goal is the reason you spend so much money on gadgets, trips, and parties. People have complete disregard for tomorrow. Is there really a goal? Yes, some people will argue that there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself. That’s true. But wouldn’t it be sweeter if you achieve your goal first and then pamper yourself with complete disregard of your worries about tomorrow?

Try to think of one now, a real one. A goal must be realistic. Don’t dream of world peace, that’s far-fetched. You can start small, but then you can also dream big. One that you really want and find ways to get there.A businessman’s mindset is to accumulate more wealth in life. More money. Because money is their vehicle to reach their goals. But this applies to most of us though. Big houses, classy cars and stuff. A call center agent is paid more than ordinary workers. We do have an edge. You can get there faster is you have a goal in life. A definite one. And stick to your plan.

Start now

Stop procrastinating and crush those negative thoughts . People loves negativity that they think of things that most of the time doesn’t even happen at all. Either your goal is to quit your job one day and build a business or to become a manager yourself in the company where you’re in. This is not impossible, I’ve seen this a couple of times. It maybe a long shot, but then that’s negativity speaking again. Instead of hating yourself that a call center job is all that you can get, leverage this job to be able to get what you really want in life. Don’t stop here and do not stop now. If your job isn’t generating enough income to reach your goal, find another stream of income. And do it fast. If you can double your income stream now, then the faster you’ll get there.

For example, I have a friend who loves working in a BPO company but hates dealing with the customers. She eventually quit and worked as a freelancer at ODesk. She’s still in the BPO industry, earning well enough that she was able to quit her 9-5 job but somehow, she’s her own boss now. Her goal was to sever the tie between her time and her paycheck. Because of this she doesn’t have to work at night.

Cut back on wasting time on social media, TV and day dreaming. Goals without actions are for day dreamers. You have the ability to turn it into a reality. If you find yourself lost without a goal, then what you need is a greater cause. Hang out with people with the same goal if possible. Even if you’ve overcome the negativity in you, most people haven’t and they’re still stuck. They will try to stop you or convince you to stop. Unless you find your resolve, they might succeed and you’re back to square one. For example, if you decided to put up a business, some people will endlessly come up with reason why you shouldn’t but won’t present any valid argument on how you should do it. Because they’re ignorant. It does not mean that they know better. Be with the people with the same mindset like you.

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